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From medieval Latin, the name of this wine carries within its color, the chromatic symbolism of its masculine and feminine nature, its delicate ambivalence.

From the single rose, each time unrepeatable, to the elegance that connotes the uniqueness of an entire floral species, a message travels different each time. And that message is not just a question of color, it is rather a kind of vocation, just like that of the midday light which - depending on the time - degrades the volumes of its shades. And here comes a polychromy of the passions. These passions make up the Rohesia line.

A triptych. Red. White. Pink. Three colors of the same rose blossomed in the narrative power of the Rohesia line in three possible declinations.

There is the rose that remains suspended halfway between the red and the white, therefore the rose, so the Negroamaro Rosato is a reverberation that you can still recognize because it is as faithful as certain returns home after a long journey or a collection of distances that, in the end, restore us to the taste of things destined to last because they are the most sincere.