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Do you think that the imagination lingers longer on a lover, until you encounter a labyrinth of smells, a wine as old as the holy water font touched with fingertips and the psalms dear to the baroque stone angels. An oenological psalm called Negroamaro. This vine is the altar, the black-black soul of Salento, a peninsula of water which in its name intertwines the Latin, Niger, and Greek, mavros declination, of a bitter nature.

Negroamaro, Niuru Maru for peasants, in the last century was used only to cut wines from the North and was considered a bridge between the Tacco and the rest of Italy, when these latitudes were a still unexplored border and considered in some ways exotic. The history of Negroamaro, today produced in purity, has thus become everyone's history, liquid atlas and widespread identity.

Clusters with a sweet pulp and late ripening, characterized by a precious versatility, express one of the most important denominations of Puglia, the Salice Salentino. This wine is certainly one of the synonyms of the frontier land sung by poets and of which we sign three variations on the theme: Negroamaro Rosato, Negroamaro Rosso and Salice Salentino Riserva.