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Salento IGP
Primitivo is an ancient vine grown in Puglia whose grapes ripen very early compared to other varieties. A very interesting peculiarity of Primitivo is that after only 20 days from the harvest, this vine is able to give a good second production. Traditionally the fruits of this "second harvest" are used to give freshness to this powerful wine by improving the freshness of the musts obtained from the first harvest.

Type of wine: Primitivo
Serving temperature: 17-18 ° C
Format: 750 ml
Ideal with: The Primitivo in this line becomes a contribution to the dishes of the historic Apulian cuisine. Combined with steaming meatballs with sauce and baked parmigiane, it gives praise to long-cooked dishes. Served in combination with a tender goulash it can become a surprising convivial meal.